Elevated Lunge Press

What works your glutes, core, shoulders.. all your muscles from your toes to your finger tips?elevatedlungepressOne of my favorites^ The elevated lunge press.

Try 2 sets of 30 each leg, or until failure on each leg to really build muscle. Then try to do more next time πŸ™‚

Safety Tip: Β Be sure to really engage your core for balance and lower straight down from your hips, not foreword over your toes. Β Try not to let your knee go past your toe. Β Get low enough to really feel your booty though πŸ™‚

Options: On the lower lunge, try twisting to really work your core! Β This exercise can be done using your bed, the stairs, a bench, a curb, you name it! Β This is actually the first time I did it in a gym setting πŸ˜‰ !


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