Klondike Fitness Club!


Here in West Lafayette, the Klondike Elementary School just started an after school program called the Klondike Fitness Club where Purdue Students (like me) volunteer to go to the HOME OF THE NUGGETS, the elementary school and lead them in fun and easy aerobic and strength training exercises to incorporate all the aspects of fitness in the offseason for athletes, or just to get kids active and in shape!  I volunteer on Thursdays, and today (the 9th) Today, the kids did a really great curcuit workout set up 2 30 second intervals at each station( stations such as frog jumps, planks, dips, leg lifts, burpees, etc.) And they did accross the floor sprints, high knees power skips, etc. as well!  What a great work out for these 6th 7th and 8th graders!!  I led the kids in a little yoga demo too!  It was RAWESOME! We did sun salutes, oogatasana, warrior dances, variations to tree poses, as well as hanging rag doll and gorilla pose!  So much fun!


About Katie Reines

Hey everybody! I am a college student striving to dream big! Double majoring in dietetics/nutrition, fitness, and health, I plan to breakthrough the weird stigma towards plant based diets/ holistic health and bring them to a clinical setting. Registered RD to be! Live big, Carb Up!
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  1. iAMincharge says:

    Please tell me how i can join this!!!

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